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Social Media and The Traveling Pear

Social media still amazes me.  Yes, I harken back to the phonebook days and have reluctantly caught up with the facebook age.  As print seems to slip away and online magazines keep popping up I have now taken notice of this trend.  I still like the tactile feeling of holding a book and or magazine in my hand.  I use magazines like a coloring book whereby I tear out the pages I love and file them away.  I guess it's a little like hoarding but, I know that when I want to find that image, I can rummage through all of my old friends (tear sheets) and come up with new ideas.  I'm not so convinced that I can derive that type of inspiration or satisfaction from my computer.  Never-the- less I trudge onward and one young woman has me putting that first foot forward.

Elissa Shaw, photographer/writer entered my life through social media, i.e., facebook.  I have a pet pig and a friend of mine posted a picture of Snuffles on her facebook page which sparked a response from Elissa and connections were made.  Elissa writes her own blog "the traveling pear" and it's wonderful.  We found out that we both love all things french and that she writes for a french online magazine, travels the french countryside and embraces the same flea markets that I do.

Elissa came by my design studio to meet me and she started taking pictures.  She then went down the street to my shop, Rokai, and took a few more.  Viola!  Rokai has made its entrance into the world of all things french, Belle Inspiration.  Heavenly.  Thank you Elissa!  And I hope you all check out this wonderful magazine, it's very well done.