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Decant or Not to Decant?

 It appears that bar carts are making a comeback as more and more, people are returning to their old world ways of enjoying cocktails at home.  Having written about bar carts and/or home bars I decided to spruce up my own home bar by adding a few decanters.  I wanted something fun and something stylish so I googled decanters and the response was more than I could wade through.  My favorite was one I did not expect but, sorta reflects my lifestyle.  You'll have to guess which one.

Madison Avenue Gifts

This one even comes with napkins, double bad!

Madison Avenue Gifts

I think this one is for the non-conformist.  I wonder what it looks like to have several lying around?  Of course they all won't fit on a bar cart.

Badash Crystal

These two remind me of classic decanters, can't go wrong here.

Neiman Marcus

I especially like the fact that no one can tell how much you are drinking because they can't see through the glass.


And of course this one is fab because it's old....