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Brian White

Brian White is a true conundrum. Brian White “artist” - Brian White “antique picker”.    It’s not often you run into someone of the caliber of a Brian White.  My chance encounter came upon one summer in the late 90’s.  I was always passing by his 1700’s cape in Union where Brian always had a choice antique displayed out in front of his barn doors.  Getting up enough courage to stop and ask what was going on just so happened to be one of the most enlightening days of my life to date.  Brian was so welcoming in explaining what and who he was - “Great American Antique Picker” with a slight propensity for producing art that he was not really inclined to sell.  Phew, really?  The art was over the top - forget about the antiques.


I marveled through his collection of “found art” so to speak.  Brian finds “things” and transforms them into “art”.  Shells, fabrics, certain metals, name it and Brian can probably find a use for it in his artwork.  His talent has never ceased to amaze me, ever!

Over the years we have become great friends - often batting about questionable antiques, art,  AND antique clothing.  Brian knows I’m a sucker for antique anything including clothes.  I adore his eye and always buy what he picks for me - ?AND - I wear it.

Enough for now.  Why I really started this blog was to crow about what was happening in Belfast and Brian has such name brand recognition now, that, vendors are hawking his finds and re-billing them as to attract more attention for more moolah!

Brian has morphed from his days as a picker but his eye is still dead on - well worth stopping by his studio in Union, Maine.  AND now you have his phone number!