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The Black Door

I am working on a project in Rockport for a friend of mine.  It happens to be the top floor of one of the two oldest brick buildings in town, Union Hall.  Union Hall used to be home to the Maine Photographic Workshops before it was sold to Rockport Properties a few years ago.  The building was in much need of a complete restoration and in the process the company decided that the top floor would make for a great loft style apartment.  Lofts are rare in Rockport - an understatement - so this experience along with designing my own studio in the other old brick building has been super fun.

In the process of researching just how great to make this place become, I have to admit that my love for black has become enourmous.  Black Lacquered doors will be everywhere, which is a silly statement in that there will be very few doors.  I want to get up in that space and take before pictures so I can blog about a before and after.  The cutest thing about this whole project is that it will be called "the penthouse" on the elevator directory.  I think, no, I know many of you will laugh at the fact that it's really the third floor from street level.  But, when you live in Maine you gotta go with what you have to work with!