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Anatomy of a Room and Thomas Moser Gallery, Continued...

 Troy Delano from Alfred's Upholstery made the trek to visit with me today and go site see the Camden Garden Club Decorators Showhouse in Camden.  As you know, Troy has built the furniture I designed and I wanted him to experience the room that we are all designing together.  I can't speak for Troy but, I will say the dynamic that unfolded as we "lived" the room was terrific.  Troy threw out other ideas that I had not considered and I am the designer!  Go figure!  This is why I have an extremely talented team in place to make this the best room ever.  I was very worried that we didn't have enough seating in the room and it would look sparse.  Troy and I focused on that and we came up with the thought of a game table in front of the beautiful bow-front window.  This is where Susan Williams, an artist in her own right plus, wife of Rufus Williams and, co-owners of Swans Island Blankets, who are part of the team, came in.  Susan has a great relationship with Thomas Moser Gallery and therefore Moser and Chatfield Design have now teamed up with the showhouse room.  Steve and Laurie of Moser to my rescue!!  Thank you and I love your product, we should all be so lucky as to own a piece of Thomas Moser furniture.  Please come and visit the showhouse to see the end result !!  You will love it.  Below are samples of what you might see at the showhouse...we reserve the right to change our minds!

Oh, and did I mention that Lee Jofa will be providing the fabric for the seats of the chairs?  Yummy!