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Aldermere Farm Calf Unveiling Day

My husband and I live on three and a half acres surrounded by Aldermere Farm.  Every year they put on the official "calf unveiling day" which is a very organic event.  The cows are grain and grass fed spending their days looking out over Penobscot Bay.  Not a bad gig, I guess that is why they have been dubbed "the happy cows".  They are officially known as the "oreo cows" due to their white belts and black body.  For us they are simply known as "the Belties", period.

My husband's great uncle  Albert, brought over the breed from Scotland in the 1950's and started a herd in Rockport, Maine.  I'm really not sure but would suspect that the ultimate calf would have the perfect belt, today they did.

The calfs were the main attraction but, Snuffles made her presence well known.  She likes to think of herself as the Aldermere Pig.  The coloration is similar and all, just saying....